Spring. At Last.April 7th, 2014

SVA Subway Poster 2014 (Blog)

When asked by School of Visual Arts to design a new subway poster, we thought of last year’s endless winter, and we knew that by April, New Yorkers would be craving a big dose of spring. Our resplendent seed packet arrives in your local station today. (Quick: where is the SVA logo hidden?)
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PerfettoFebruary 5th, 2014


We love our collection of 1930s Italian pencil boxes. Our most preferred are the two-color, double-sided pencils, commonly in red and blue, for teachers to correct homework. (“Errore lieve, segno rosso; errore grave, segno blu”: red for a minor infringement, blue for a serious offense.) When Princeton Architectural Press invited us to come up with a line of gift products, the two-tone pencils seemed perfect—thus the name. Steering clear of blue, our least favorite color, we opted for our signature red and black. No eraser, by the way. Who makes errori? Buy
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Elegantissima: The ExhibitNovember 18th, 2013


You’ve read the book…now see the show! Elegantissima: The Art and Typography of Louise Fili opens at the Hale Memorial Gallery at Farmingdale State College on Thursday, November 21. Designed by the incomparable Kevin O’Callaghan, this exhibit comprises work from four decades displayed in different conceptually thematic room environments. Walk through a vintage library filled with books, book jackets, and illustrative copyright pages; a recreated bistro packed with restaurant menus, logos and business cards; a Depression-era kitchen area featuring food package and label designs; and a haute couture boudoir (with a deep violet fainting couch) draped with intimate apparel. The exhibit runs through the end of January; Monday–Friday 10am–4pm, Saturdays by appointment (Call 631.794.6118). For more information, visit: http://www.farmingdale.edu/news/news-2013/louisefili.shtml

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Shadow TypeSeptember 10th, 2013


First came Scriptstypefaces with elegance and flair. Now, Shadow Type by Steven Heller and Louise Fili introduces a wealth of dimensional typefaces and lettering from the turn of the century through the 1940s. From store signs before the age of illumination to film titles that lit up the screen, Shadow Type is the second in our trilogy of expressive faces (watch for Stencil Type in 2015). Available now on Amazon.

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Rusticator RumJuly 22nd, 2013


After years of creating award-winning wines, Bartlett Maine Estate Winery has just launched its new Rusticator Rum, using organic molasses sourced from South America. The name references late nineteenth-century city dwellers who who escaped to Maine in search of cooler climes.
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Gelato FiascoJuly 8th, 2013


Our latest packaging makeover is for Gelato Fiasco, a Maine gelateria making artisan gelato and sorbetto fresh daily, using organic milk and all-natural ingredients. The package was upgraded from a flimsy plastic takeout container to a sturdier clear cylinder (allowing for the brilliant colors of the product to show through), topped with a silver lid. Stickers are color-coded to the 24 different flavors offered (pomegranate chocolate chunk, caramel sea salt, chocolate noir, and strawberry balsamic to name a few). Each is instantly addictive.
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Love is Forever, Part 2February 5th, 2013


Head straight to your local post office today and get a sheet or two of our newest Love stamp for the USPS. Sealed with Love has been issued just in time for Valentine’s Day and is available now!
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Elegantissima!September 4th, 2012

Here at last: Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili goes on sale today. Here’s what Milton Glaser has to say: “How does the old become new? Ask Louise Fili, who has the extraordinary ability to seamlessly transform something old, familiar, traditional, iconic, and reassuring into an image that is surprising, fresh, unexpected, and beautiful. I believe it’s magic.”
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Ambessa TeaJuly 3rd, 2012


New to the market: Ambessa (Ethiopian for lion) is a line of imported teas for chef Marcus Samuelsson.
The flavors trace his personal voyage—from African birthplace (Safari Breakfast) through Swedish childhood (Lingonberry Green), Swiss apprenticeship (Choco Nut) and finally to American home (Earl of Harlem).
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Roman HolidayApril 11th, 2012

SVA Roma 2012

Join Louise Fili to study design and typography at the SVA Masters Workshop in Rome from May 27th to June 10th. Sbrigati! Only a few spots remain. More details here.
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