Stressed over your Bastille Day shopping? Fear not: Graphique de la Rue has arrived! Following the success of Grafica della Strada, this new book of signs is Louise’s typographic love letter to Paris. From the iconic neon script for La Coupole to the deco elegance of the Folies Bergère, Graphique delivers endless inspiration from the City of Light.

And when words fail, let these notecards do the talking: Quatre Mots Français, four essential French words—merci, salut, bisous, plaisir—in designs inspired by the art deco ironwork of Paris. Both are available now for pre-order. Vive la France!



Good news for Italophiles: the dollar is strong again and our updated guide to artisan shops in Florence has just been released! The Cognoscenti’s Guide to Florence, written with Lise Apatoff, takes you on a tour from Aqua Flor, a profumeria that will create your own custom scent, to Zecchi, a legendary art supply store with a dazzling display of colored dry pigments. If you can’t bring home the exquisite colors, no matter at all: our newest pencils, Tutti Frutti, have also just arrived—double-sided with complementary hues. Buon viaggio!

Both are published by princeton architectural press




You’ve read the book…now see the exhibit! Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili opens at the Art Director’s Club on Wednesday, September 10th from 6–8:30pm. Designed by the incomparable Kevin O’Callaghan, this exhibit comprises work from four decades displayed in different conceptually thematic room environments. Walk through a vintage library filled with books, book jackets, and illustrative copyright pages; a recreated bistro packed with restaurant menus, logos and business cards; a Depression-era kitchen area featuring food package and label designs; and a haute-couture boudoir (with a deep violet fainting couch) draped with intimate apparel.

The exhibit runs from Monday, September 8th–Friday, September 19th.


Words and Pictures


Grafica della Strada is Louise’s typographic love letter to Italy: a photographic diary of a forty-year obsession with signs from Torino to Taormina, and just about everywhere else in between—in gold leaf, mosaic, marble, brass, ceramic, enamel, wrought iron, and neon. Books are available for pre-order starting today!

And if our new book should render you speechless, you might also consider Quattro Parole Italiane, a boxed set of handsomely designed notecards that will allow you to say thank you, best wishes, or even just hello with great graphic panache.



We love our collection of 1930s Italian pencil boxes. Our most preferred are the two-color, double-sided pencils, commonly in red and blue, for teachers to correct homework. (“Errore lieve, segno rosso; errore grave, segno blu”: red for a minor infringement, blue for a serious offense.) When Princeton Architectural Press invited us to come up with a line of gift products, the two-tone pencils seemed perfect—thus the name. Steering clear of blue, our least favorite color, we opted for our signature red and black. No eraser, by the way. Who makes errori? Buy